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Drag and drop Videos That Instantly Get more views While 
reducing Ad spend by 62%
  • 200 Videos - you'll never run out
  • 5 phrases in 40 styles - to fit your purpose and audience
  • World class video design - to keep your videos professional and unique
Case study results from 
"We increased conversions by 133% from 2.19% to 5.1% and drove the cost per conversion down from £4.41 to £2.74!"
What is a Pattern Breaker?
A Video Pattern Breaker is a short 2-3 second clip that grabs your audiences attention and gets them to take action. 
It is like a Call To Action at the start of your video and is Proven To increase video views on sites like Facebook where you only have a few seconds to get your viewers attention and get them to take action.
Here is a small selection of the 200 Video Pattern Breakers Included
Grab attention on video ad with...
'Click To Listen'
Increase views with... 
'Watch This'
Create content that users love with...
'How To'
This is only 3 of 5 phrase variations
Each clip is 3 seconds long...
Demo 1
Demo 2
Demo 3
Demo 4
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Get more views, conversions & Sales with video
Use this unique idea to boost your conversions on video
Facebook Video is taking off
Did you know with one simple trick you can...
  • Increase Facebook video conversions by 133%
  • Lower your cost per conversion by over 60%
  •  Higher ROI From Video Ads
yet, most people struggle with:
  • Getting more eyeballs on their videos
  • Standing out amongst the crowd
  • Looking Professional & Unique
Do you know how frustrating it is when you spend 8 hours on a video, only to find you get a handful of views and a comment from your loved one saying "keep at it"

What if you can copy a winning formula from marketers that have had proven results?

Video Pattern Breakers Are Used by the Worlds Best Marketers
Top marketers who use video pattern breakers in their videos
Frank Kern
Gary Vaynerchuk
Andrew Darius
James Wedmore
why are we here?
Video Sells, In fact its been proven countless times
After watching a video a visitor is more likely to... 
1) Buy your products

2) Subscribe to your mailing list

3) Register to your webinars
You Have 3 Seconds To Grab Their Attention
People don't have a massive attention span.

If your video doesn't grab their attention in the first few seconds
Then they are gone. 
More than likely watching someone else’s video.
Facebook and Youtube are amongst the 
best places for your videos
Because that's where the majority of your audience likely 
spends their time.
But on Facebook, they have the newsfeed this has caused a 
scroll-pause-scroll pause pattern.
The Facebook Pause Pattern

You need visuals to get them to click
That pause lasts between 2-3 seconds, if you don’t draw their attention and get them to click to hear the audio, they will be gone.
There really is only one way to draw them in, 
and that's using visuals
Because there is no audio until they click the video. You need to get that click fast. Before you jump into your main content.
This is why we created Video Pattern Breaker.
Video Pattern Breaker
A Video Pattern Breaker grabs attention instantly, 
Its like a call to action at the start of your video that prompts your viewers to do something very simple in a stylishly effective manner.
These are 2-3 second clips that you place over the start of any video, using any video editor.
The first few seconds of a video are the most important when it comes to grabbing your audiences attention. This couldn't be more true with network sites like Facebook where users have to scroll down their newsfeed and only see a video placement for a matter of seconds before they decide if they will stop to watch or keep on scrolling.
  • We tested different wording and different styles to find out exactly what works and what grabs a users attention
  • Pattern interrupts need to maintain a high production value so they match your brand without looking cheap, We are the rolls royce of pattern breaker videos
  • Our Pattern Breakers Have Been created by one of the leading Video Design Engineers in the world who earned his name creating High End Video Explainer Videos for some of the biggest names in the industry like John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur On Fire, Gideon Shalwick, Casey Zeman... The list goes on.
How to use Pattern Breakers
Open your video editing software
Simply click and drag the file onto your ad
Publish the ad and watch your conversions skyrocket
Get your Video Pattern Breakers for only $27
Special Limited Time Discount
VPB: Video Pattern Breakers
Day Money
Back Guarantee
What you’ll get...
200 Official Pattern breaker Videos
200 pattern breaker videos means you'll never run out! These videos will keep boosting your conversions... for as long as you want!
30 animation Styles
30 animation styles so you can customise your pattern breaker to the style and 'feel' of your video. This means more relevant animations, a professional look and higher perceived value.
5 categories of 
pattern breakers
5 different types of pattern breaker so you can always find one to fit your needs and audience.
Click and drag 
Click and drag the file into your video production software. It takes under 2 seconds.
all major video software Compatible 
Pattern Breaker is designed to be compatible with all major video production software on the PC and Mac
Create a 'need' to watch
Some Pattern Breakers are design to intrigue. The click bait of the animation world is sure to increase your views and conversions.
Views for your FB ad
Specifically designed for Facebook scrolling behaviour and video advertising platform, they are sure to increase your profits and return on investment.
Jump out the Screen
Don't sit around just hoping your customers buy your products...jump out the screen and demand them to take action. 
What can Pattern Breaker do for you?
Attention Grabbing Videos
Don't rely on luck. Grab 
attention by jumping out the screen.
Stop You Losing 
Losing attention means losing a sale. Take control and force yourself to win.
Increase FB Ad Conversions 
Pattern breakers are proven 
to increase views and conversions. This means 
lower costs & increased profit.
Scale Your 
This will shorten the time it takes to make money with video ads. You can then scale your ads, which means the potential profit is endless. 

Take the first step towards earning 100% of your profit potential
Pattern Breaker is compatible with...
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100% Satisfaction guarantee
We know you'll love this, so we created the Ultimate satisfaction guarantee
100% No Risk
If you're not happy you can get a full refund no questions asked
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee...for any reason!
  • Benefits are easy to verify. 
  • Proven to convert! 
Lifetime Access
No obligation to buy, no recurring monthly fees and just a one time payment.
  • Lifetime access to the files, no restrictions. 
  • No obligation to buy, no recurring monthly fees 
  • Buy them, try them and see the results for yourself.

30 day Guarantee
Official Pattern Breakers have a 30 day money back guarantee
  • 100% money back for any reason
  • No questions asked, No Risk, No Strings Attached
  • Test and verify the benefits yourself!
Get your Video Pattern Breakers for only $27
Special Limited Time Discount
VPB: Video Pattern Breakers
Day Money
Back Guarantee
The Team
The Web Show Guy
Ian Rajkumar
  • 10 years experience in video animation explainer videos
  • World-class leader in video 
The Funnel Tactician
Alexander Sebastian
  • 5 years in digital and online marketing
  • A six-figure launch product vendor
The six-week startup guy
Joe Simmons
  • 2 years in marketing & product development
  • Award winning public speaker 
With clients like John Lee Dumas and New York Times Best Seller Michael Hyatt, Ian Sama is a World-Class Leader in video. See what 
his incredible array of clients have to say...
Frequently Asked Questions
Why choose pattern breakers?
Because we're the best! Official Video Pattern Breakers Made by world class video engineers, designed by leading marketers and create to make it easy for you. What's not to love!
So what do I actually get?
you’ll get 200 video files that can be easily layered over your video ads

How will I put them on my ad?
You can simply click and drag them onto your video production software. It takes under 1 second - see the demo video.

Q: Will this work with my video production software?
Pattern breaker works with all major video production software including iMovie, Camtasia, Screenflow, Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut, Sony Vegas, Pinaclle, and more...
Are there any other costs to using pattern breakers?
Absolutely not. It’s a one time payment and lifetime access to the files. 
Are there any restrictions to how I can use pattern breakers
No. all the pattern breakers can be used in any way you wish.
Can I use the same pattern breaker on multiple videos?
You can use them as many times as you like and with 200 of them in the pack they are going to last you a very long time.
I don’t do video ads, can I still use this?
Of course. Pattern breaker is suitable for all videos! There's also another question to ask... Video is the only way to advertise these days. Also, Facebook is THE advertising platform at the moment. It's got 1.5bn users, all your personal infomration and conversion algorithms to give insane results...The real question is why are you not doing FB video ads?
Are their any Upsells or OTO's?
Their sure are, As you know, the core product is getting more eyeballs on your video, However, You still need to retain your viewers attention and get them to take action. 

OTO1 is a pack much like the pattern breakers however these are designed to spice up your videos, add them to the middle of your video to increase retention so viewers get to your call to action, remember if they don't make it to your Call to action then you don't make no money. 

OTO 2 is the call to actions, Once you have their eyes, and you have retained them to the end of the video you NEED to get your viewers to take action, like subscribe to your mailing list- buy your product, register to your webinar and our call to action pack is designed to do just that. Increase your profits instantly.

I don’t have my own videos, what should I do?
The cheapest thing would be to get your phone camera, stand in front of a wall and shoot one. There, you have a video. But if you want to take it a little more seriously, you could pay for an explainer video or spend a bit of cash on some equipment (camera, lights, audio). Either way, video's not going anywhere so you better get shooting.
Can I do this myself?
Yes, it's so easy! 

1) Shoot a quick video ad 
2) Use video editing software already on your mac or pc, download free software, or get a free trial with adobe. 
3) Then just click and drag the pattern breaker onto your ad. and you're done! Simply save it and start earning money!
Will this work my industry/video ad?
Yes. The pattern breaker pack was designed to be accessible across multiple platforms and multiple industries. With 200 videos you'll be sure to find dozens of videos that perfectly fit your style, audience and company.

What if I don’t have the budget?
This is a short one. It's easy. If you can't invest in your business you’re not going to be able to target customers, you're not going to be able to compete and you're not going to be using your time effectively. Start investing now, it'll come back to you 10X.
How can you sell them at that low rate
We're able to off this much value for such a low rate because with such a large pack we're able to sell a higher volume reducing the price for you.
Will everyone have the same pattern breaker?
you're getting over 200 different pattern breakers. this is to ensure everyone has so much selection that everyone uses different ones that fit their needs and style.
What video format are these pattern breakers?
Our video clips are formatted to be transparent. This means the formate is: Pro res 444
Will this work for me?
This technique is scientifically backed by Neuroscience and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It's has been proven to increase conversions over and over again. 
What value am I getting?
Whether the price is $17, $27 or $47, with pattern breaker you are getting $1600 of video development time! Videos of this quality are worth $15-$25 each! Even if you only use 1 or 2 pattern breakers you are getting your money's worth. Not only that, you have 200 of them to try, test and get results from. That means $1950 of value for FREE! 
How much value am I getting with Pattern Breaker?
Over $1600
The average low cost clip is $8-15 on 
VideoHive. We’re giving you 
200 clips! That means at $8 each, 
they are worth at least $1600.

However, these are the only professionally design high end pattern breakers on the market
These are worth so much more...

Made by A World Leading 
Video Engineer 
We have one of the best video explainer 
video teams in the world. You get 
200 videos made by Ian Sama. 
World Leading Video Engineer.

These are worth over $5000
With that kind of quality the are undervalued at $25 each 
That would be over $5000 If you 
could get them at that price.
"but I bet you can't"
Pricing & Discount
The value of $5000 in video development time
Worth at least $1600 if sold on video hive
Our regular price  is just $47
But that's not all!
The Special Launch Week Price is only $27
VPB: Video Pattern Breakers
Get your Video Pattern Breakers for only $27
Special Limited Time Discount
VPB: Video Pattern Breakers
Day Money
Back Guarantee
Joe Simmons
The Funnel Tactician
Alexander Sebastian
The Web Show Guy
Ian Rajkumar
Video Pattern Breaker @ Video Pattern Breaker
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